The Best Golf Apps 2018

Golf is the hardest game in the world to play, and the easiest to cheat at.
- Dave Hill (RIP)

There might be some truth in what Dave said, even more during recent years some might say due to the leaps in technology we have made.

As the Duke of Golf, people might think I'm supporting the more old-fashioned crowd of golfers, but as the dance floor really isn't my domain I need all the caddying I can get! Even if it's virtual.

So without further ado, below you may find a few of the best golf apps 2018 has to offer that can help you (cheat) on the course:

Golf Pad

Golf Pad products help golfers play better better by providing in-depth statistics and recommendations in real-time. Apart from the app, they also got some other nifty products that can seriously help you up your game.

Free Features
  • Over 34,000 world-wide courses included.
  • One-tap shot tracker.
  • GPS rangefinder. Instant distance to middle/front/back of the green, or any point on course.
  • PGA-quality scorecard for 1-4 golfers.
  • Track strokes, putts, penalties, sand and fairways for every player.
  • Easily record positions and clubs, measure length of your shots. See shots on the map.
  • Aerial Map View.
  • Tap to measure distance to bunkers, water or any other point on golf course.
  • Keep full playing history, even if changing phones.
  • Review and edit scorecards for past golf rounds at any time.
  • Take notes as you play. Review or edit notes for past rounds at any time.
  • Track your progress with statistics, including scoring, putts, accuracy, penalties, fairways, sand, G.I.R. and distance walked.
  • Post rounds on Twitter, Facebook or share via email. Your friends will see the scorecard, notes and shots on the map.
  • Easily visualize your progress over time with statistics graphs.
Premium Features
  • Ad-free user interface. Enjoy more screen real estate and better battery life.
  • Gross and net (handicap-adjusted) scoring, including Stableford, Modified Stableford, Cuts & Snips, Skins, Nines, Chairman, Stroke and Match Play.
  • Compute your handicap index based on the playing history.
  • Intelligent Club Recommendations ​based on:
    • Distance to target
    • Elevation change
    • Player history
    • Altitude
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
  • Club Recommendations are shown within the app and on the smartwatch
  • Hole elevation profile and elevation change to target.
  • Automatic online backup of playing history and statistics.
  • Layup targets. Choose up to 3 targets at your favorite shot distances. Golf Pad will put the targets in the middle of the fairway and automatically calculate your distance to layups (available for most courses).
  • Club length statistics. See the average and longest shot distance for each club in your bag.
  • View scoring and club averages for all time, or just for recent rounds or a time period.
  • Strategy insights. When you played the same golf course, Golf Pad will produce course and hole-specific statistics and will show you the best course management strategies.
  • Conforms to USGA tournament play rules when Tournament Edition is enabled
  • Scoring for up to 8 players.

Golf Pad TAGS

Golf Pad TAGS™, for Android users, make it easy to know the distance of every shot. Just tap your club to your phone before you make your shot. You'll automatically track your score, club distances, accuracy, putting stats and more. See, edit and share right on your phone.

  • Allows you to track your game while keeping your phone in your pocket
  • Works with Android phones and most popular smartwatches
  • TAGSTM ​are ​ultra light-weight, durable and battery free, comes with 15 tags
  • TAGSTM ​can be assigned or re-assigned to any club
  • Quick set up
  • Real-time stats

Golf Pad TAGS™ work for tournaments too! Just use Golf Pad Regulation Mode. Your shot distances and club recommendations won't display while playing. See full game analysis after you finish the round.

Get Golf Pad TAGS

Golf Pad LINK

Works with iOS, Android and most popular smartwatches.

The built-in, high-precision GPS sensor provides accurate location tracking and saves your phone battery.

Lightweight and low profile, the LINK reader fits in a pocket or on a belt. You don't have to carry your phone unless you want to!

LINK saves your game play history and syncs automatically when your phone is in range.

The LINK reader is rechargeable and comes with a micro-USB cord. A single charge is more than enough for 2 full rounds of golf.

Easily add penalty, mark sand or flag position as you play. No need to pull out the phone! Just press the button on the LINK reader to record the action of your choice.

  • Works with iPhone, Android phones and most popular smartwatches
  • Allows you to track your game using a low-profile, wireless reader + TAGSTM
  • TAGSTM ​are ​ultra light-weight, durable and battery free, comes with 15 tags
  • TAGSTM ​can be assigned or re-assigned to any club
  • Saves your phone battery
  • Quick set up
  • Real-time stats
  • Reader syncs automatically when phone is in range
  • Rechargeable battery in the reader uses standard micro-USB charger (included)

Playing in a tournament? Great! Just use Golf Pad Regulation Mode. You will not see shot distances and club recommendations while playing, but full game analysis will be available after you finish the round.

Get Golf Pad LINK


Price Model: Free ($19.99/year for premium app)
Wearables Support: Yes
Golf Pad TAGS

Get Golf Pad TAGS
Golf Pad LINK

Get Golf Pad LINK


The 18Birdies app is designed to provide the most complete, social and interactive mobile experience for your golf game. Their free app helps improve your golf experience on and off the course by connecting you with everything golf. Their app houses a GPS rangefinder, golf stats & analysis, chance to win prizes and a great community. This is definitely one of the best golf apps in 2018 you should check out.

Free Features
  • GPS+ RANGEFINDER: Find your distance from anywhere on the course
  • DIGITAL SCORECARD: No more paper scorecards to keep track of
  • STATS & ROUND HISTORY: Track your stats in a few taps and view all your past rounds
  • SIDE GAMES: Easily track your bets with Points and their free game of the month
  • REWARD YOURSELF: Earn chances to win trips and prizes just for playing golf
  • QUALITY GOLF CONTENT: Stay up-to-date with the latest golf instruction, news, entertainment and more from the most trusted sources in golf
  • STAY CONNECTED: Share your rounds with friends and compete on leaderboards
Premium Features
  • ADVANCED GPS: Get elevation, temperature, humidity and wind data
  • LIVE WEATHER MAP: Get a detailed doppler radar view of the weather at the course and surrounding area
  • CADDY+ CLUB RECOMMENDATIONS: Personalized distance and club recommendations for every shot
  • CADDY+ SHOT TRACKING & HISTORY: Track and view your shots based on distance, shot shape, quality and power
  • ADVANCED STATS: Analyze your golf game with new charts and custom filters
  • GAMEBETS: Unlock full access to their growing library of side games
  • GROUP OUTINGS: Host a single or multi-round tournament on one course or virtually on any course in the 18Birdies database
  • PARTNER DISCOUNTS: Unlock exclusive discounts and deals with your membership
  • PREMIUM LESSON PLANS: Gain instant access their our full catalog of Premium video lessons, taught by top-tier golf instructors.


Price Model: Free and Premium ($4.99/month)

Wearables Support: Yes

Golf GPS by SwingxSwing

Golf GPS is one of the most popular Golf apps on Android and iOS. It's no surprise it's so popular, it packs many different features.

  • GPS Rangefinder - measures distance to green and highlights obstacles on the course
  • Scorecard - Track scores and # of putts(!)
  • Tee time booking
  • Personal account where you can view past scores, share with friends, paths taken on courses, stats, graphs and uploaded photos

They also got a premium app called Looper, which does everything above plus:

  • Extended scorecard with driving accuracy, bunker play and penalties
  • Wind speed & elevation for better club selection
  • Club tracking to monitor average distances
  • Improved distance to green (not sure what they mean by this)


Price Model: Freemium ($3.99/month or 19.99/year for their premium app called Looper)

Wearables Support: Yes

Arccos 360

In order to use the Arccos 360 app you have to purchase either their bundle - Arccos 360, Arccos Smart Grips or Arccos Driver.

Once you get their products you can pair it with their virtual caddie. Except for the usual rangefinder and scorecard features, it does the following:

Their Artificial Intelligence platform provides players with real-time strategies for every shot on any hole in the world. It considers a player’s personal shot history, hole elevation and weather conditions, as well as 100 million shots hit by the Arccos community, and 418 million GPS mapping data points on 40,000+ courses worldwide to help golfers make smarter on-course decisions.

Leverage on-course performance data like a Tour pro by reviewing easy-to-understand visualizations for every game aspect. Strokes Gained analysis for Driving, Approach, Chipping, Sand and Putting – and Smart Distance averages for every club in your bag – help guide your play, practice, and equipment selections.

Arccos 360 Features
It automatically records and analyzes every shot you hit, combining Arccos Caddie, Live Shot Tracking, GPS 2.0 and Tour Analytics to help any player make smarter decisions to shoot lower scores. Permitted Under the Rules of Golf (Decision Number 2017-0754).
  • Get AI-powered club recommendations for your optimal strategy on every shot, on every hole
  • Know your exact distance to any point on the course
  • Learn precisely which club to use in every situation
  • Identify your actual strengths and weaknesses
Arccos Smart Grips Features

Includes 30-day free trial to all Arccos features including Arccos Caddie 2.0, Live Shot Tracking, GPS 2.0 and Tour Analytics ($99.99 annual subscription).

Premium Grip Technology - Arccos Smart Grips feature Lamkin Crossline 360 grips with patented vibration dampening technology, all-weather tackiness, exceptional durability and comfort to suit the majority of golfers.
Seamless Sensor Integration - The seamlessly embedded Arccos Smart Sensor is swing-weight neutral and powered by a battery designed to last up to five years.


Arccos Driver Features

Their acclaimed entry-level platform includes a single sensor that automatically records distance and accuracy stats for every drive you hit. It also features rangefinder GPS for 40,000+ courses, and King of the Hole – a virtual long drive competition played over any par-4 or par-5 in the world.


Price Model: Free but necessary to purchase products

Wearables Support: Yes

Shot Tracer

Shot Tracer is still in beta as I'm writing this, but it could definitely be an app to add to your collection to review your post game shots.

The app will trace your golf ball flight from the beginning until the end and save it in your phone's gallery ready to share with your friends.


Price Model: Paid ($5.99)

Wearables Support: No

Golfshot: Golf GPS + Tee Times

What's special about Golfshot is that it offers augmented reality features. So you can experience and view the course in a whole, new way with a full 360-degree view of each hole and the ability to pinpoint each pin location on over 500,000 holes worldwide with Golfscape AR.

Free Features
  • Distance to the center of the green.
  • Track and record each shot / club used.
  • In-depth statistics.
  • 3D hole and course flyover previews.
  • Stroke Play and Stableford scoring.
  • Search and book GolfNow tee times.
  • Save and share rounds with friends.
Premium Features
  • Real-time distances to all key hazards/targets on each hole on 40,000+ courses.
  • On-the-spot club recommendations based on game performance.
  • Link your own GHIN® Number and post scores right to your Handicap Index®.
  • Advanced scoring with Skins, Nassau, and Match Play games.
  • Dynamic 3D flyover previews of each hole with club recommendation overlays.
  • Zoom in and pan targets for better course management.


Price Model: Freemium ($29.99 for paid app called "Golfshot Plus: Golf GPS + AR")

Wearables Support: Yes

Hole19 Golf GPS & Scoring App

What I like the most about this app other than its features is its simplicity, the user-friendly interface and ability to stay connected with golf friends.

Free Features
  • GPS Rangefinder - Accurately measure shot distances to the front, back, and center of the green on over 40,000 golf courses from around the world.
  • Digital Scorecard - Track your score during every round and save every golfshot you take in one place. Stableford and Stroke Play scoring systems currently available.
  • Golf Statistics Tracking - Improve your golf handicap and golf score with performance statistics on your driving accuracy, greens in regulation, short game and putting.
  • Plan & Book Your Round - Course ratings and reviews to find the best golf courses to play. Tee times and deals available on over 3000 golf courses across the USA, Portugal and Spain.
  • Share With Friends - Hole19’s a social golf app; share your progress and your love of the game with their active community of golf enthusiasts.
Premium Features
  • Distance Tracker - Quickly and easily measure the distance of your last shot using their accurate and easy to use tracer.
  • Enhanced Performance Statistics - Get a deeper insight into your game over time with trendline graphs showing vital statistics such as Scoring, Driving Accuracy and more.
  • Auto-change Hole: No need to change holes on your app. Walk from green to tee and your Hole19 App will change holes when you do automatically.
  • Improved Resolution Maps: See the course and your shots even more clearly with improved resolution Premium golf course maps.
  • Highlights: See the highlights of your golf career summarized in one place. Best Hole, Best Score, Most Played Course and more.


Price Model: Free ($6.99/months for premium app")

Wearables Support: Yes

GolfLogix GPS + Putt Breaks

GolfLogix GPS is definitely an app worth bringing to the course - users have reported many bugs and technical difficulties with the app these past few months, hopefully they fix that sooner rather than later!

Free Features
  • GPS Distances
  • Full-colour 3D course maps
  • 4-player scoring
  • Personal tracking
Premium Features
  • Approach View - Know how the ball will roll when landing on the green
  • Put Break Maps - View the break of every putt to shave strokes off your game
  • No ads
  • Set Pin Position - Set the daily pin position on every green before or during round
  • Target GPS Distances - Get the exact distance to every hazard and layup on the course
  • Patented Club Tracking - Track the location and distance of every shot


Price Model: Free ($9.99/months for premium app")

Wearables Support: Yes

Golf Coach by Dr Noel Rousseau

Noel Rousseau is a specialist golf coach who as you would expect, places great value on the development of high level technique.

Understanding how we learn and perform such movements is a key part of Noel’s day to day work with his clients and through his research.

Beyond this, there are a multitude of factors that influence a golfer’s development, not least, the role of mindful attention during shot execution.

Noel’s research into motor learning and automaticity has shaped his unique insight of how a complex skill is learned and performed.

This is a thoroughly modern golf coaching package that has been expertly developed with your learning in mind. If you genuinely want to improve your game, then download Golf Coach by Dr. Noel Rousseau for the very best in golf instruction.

38 amazing quality training videos:
These are not mere golf tips but a beautifully presented program of detailed coaching videos which have been thoughtfully compiled to give you all the major swing and short game principles you will ever need to coach yourself to a better golf game.


Price Model: Paid ($5.99)

Golf Channel Academy

Improve your game on the go with one of the most complete golf instruction apps available. Golf Channel Academy brings a comprehensive instructional tip library together with advanced swing capture and analysis technology to help you take your game to new levels. Over 2,000 videos from the world’s best instructors including Michael Breed, Martin Hall, Dana Rader and other Golf Channel Academy lead coaches.

  • Find a world-class Golf Channel Academy coach / location near you to improve your game
  • Bookmark any video to create your own custom playlist
  • Download videos directly to your iPhone and iPad to watch anywhere, including on the practice range or course
  • Capture your swing and use advanced markup tools to identify areas of improvement

You can access a selection of lessons for free and pay for the premium lessons offered.


Price Model: Free with premium lessons priced at $29.99.

Hudl Technique Golf

Ready to up your golf game? Hudl Technique Golf allows you to evaluate and improve your swing. Record yourself in slow motion, then instantly analyze your form – frame by frame. You can also spot potential improvements by comparing your swing to professional golfers’, study drills from other coaches, and receive feedback from Hudl Technique community members.

Hudl Technique Golf has been used to analyze more than 10 million swings worldwide.

  • Record swings in HD up to 240 FPS (if supported by device).
  • Analyze in slow motion with swing plane drawings.
  • Compare your swing against 90+ swings from PGA golfers like Patrick Reed, Jeff Overton and more (driver, irons and wedge Face-on and DTL).
  • Create swing reviews with voice-overs, annotations and side-by-side video.
  • Watch golf lessons from PGA instructors.
  • Share your swings with friends and instructors via email, YouTube, Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook and more.
  • Import and analyze existing swings from external camera or import via email, Dropbox and more.


Price Model: Free with premium package priced at $14.99

Coach's Eye

Coach's Eye is one of the world's leading video platforms for coaches and golfers who need to review technique and game film. Coach's Eye delivers state of the art coaching and content management tools on your mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Free Features
  • Capture videos at 60, 120 or 240 FPS with newer Apple devices.
  • Video camera zoom during recording with newer Apple devices.
  • Import video from your device’s Camera Roll, Dropbox, & more.
  • Organize videos with tagging.
  • Instantly review video on the spot.
  • Compare two videos side-by-side.
  • Zoom and pan videos to see just the details that matter.
  • Draw on videos using lines, arrows, circles, squares, and freehand tools.
  • Create videos with audio commentary, annotations, and slow-motion.
  • Quickly share videos via email, SMS, YouTube and Facebook.
Premium Features
  • Angle tool: Draw multiple angles while reviewing video.
  • Timer tool: Add timers to see elapsed time and calculate splits.
  • Spotlight tool: Focus on the most important parts of your video.
VIP MEMBERSHIP (Subscription) Get access to industry leading video tools and content management services for one low monthly price.
  • Free up space on your local device without losing your videos.
  • Access your videos anywhere, from any device.
  • Cross platform license to state-of-the-art mobile coaching tools.


Price Model: Free with in-app purchases and premium subscription

Wearables Support: Yes

Zepp Golf

Hone your swing on the range with Zepp's premiere, smart training system. Use the app’s innovative video recognition technology to automatically capture and edit your swing videos on the range or the course. Create and share highlight videos, with special effects that include ball tracer technology, infographics, and voice-overs that bring your videos to life. When you're back in the club house, post your best rounds and highlights to the Zepp community while you compete to climb the leaderboard. Share your performance data with the Health app and every round and driving range session helps you reach your fitness goals.

Analyze your swing for free with an Apple Watch! Your primary swing metrics are just a ‘glance’ away. Lift up your wrist to see your tempo, hand path, and hand speed after every swing. Your session summary includes fitness metrics along with the average and consistency score for tempo and hand plane, and the average hand speed. Use these metrics to help you keep your swing consistently on the mark.

When you’re ready to take it to the next level, add the Zepp Golf sensor and you’ll see why Zepp is the smartest and fastest way to improve your game. The sensor works with our free app to help you improve your swing by instantly measuring the most important aspects of your swing: club speed, club plane, tempo, backswing length, and more. Review your swing in 3D from any angle to quickly spot where you can make progress.

With the Zepp Golf sensor and Smart Coach training system, simply take a few swings and Zepp instantly identifies where you can improve. Smart Coach offers training programs from LPGA Tour Pro Michelle Wie, personalized to help your swing. Compare your swing metrics and consistency from round-to-round and from the range to the course by using the Zepp sensor everywhere you swing.

Free Features
  • Automatic swing video recording and editing
  • Highlight video creation
  • Scorecard
  • Zepp social community
  • Leaderboards
  • Smart Coach Training System
Apple Watch Features:
  • Primary real time swing metrics
  • Track your swings on the course and the driving range
Premium Features
  • Unlimited cloud storage for your videos and photos
  • All your videos and photos are available on all devices that log into your Zepp account.
  • Your photos and videos can be shared with the friends you played with and your followers
  • Create rounds for others and invite others to play. Perfect for coaches, caddies and event organizers
  • Exclusive video effects
Golf Sensor Features
  • Complete real time swing metrics
  • 3D Swing Analysis
  • Instant Swing Evaluations
  • Personalized Smart Coach Training Plans based on your swing data
  • Track your swings on the course and the driving range


Price Model: Free with in-app purchases and premium subscription

Wearables Support: Yes
Zepp Golf Smartcoach

Get Zepp Smartcoach

The Rules of Golf by USGA

Don't waste precious minutes riffling through your rule handbook on the course looking for what's applicable when it comes to water hazards. This app has a search function, so you can find the answer within seconds!

  • The only Rules of Golf app approved by the USGA
  • Every Rule, Definition and Decision available in the palm of your hand
  • Simple, fast and intuitive navigation
  • Convenient word and phrase search functionality

The Rules of Golf App

Price Model: Free with in-app purchases

Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker

A great app to keep track of your handicap. Use the Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker to establish a USGA Handicap Index and to post scores, reviews, ratings and to track your friends.

  • Full Facebook integration allows you to post scores, find other DiabloGolf members, follow your friends’ handicaps, and even recruit new members from your contact list
  • View your Handicap Index
  • Post 5 Scores to get a Handicap Index
  • Join golf clubs licensed to use the USGA Handicap System and issue a Handicap Index
  • Post and view your entire score history (an icon will indicate the rounds used to compute your handicap)
  • Post 9 or 18 hole scores, as well as tournament scores (nine hole scores are combined in accordance with USGA guidelines)
  • Course location function uses GPS to find the golf courses nearest you for easy score posting anywhere in the U.S., or select any course found in our database of over 18,000 golf courses
  • The most comprehensive golf course details available
  • You’ll no longer need a handicap card since all scores now reside on our server. A lost or new phone is never a problem – just show up on the tee box and other golfers can see your handicap and scores on their smartphones
  • The tee box dropdown will allow quick score postings with Slope and Rating info – save favorite golf courses and tee boxes for even faster score posting
  • Course Handicap Calculator
  • Rate and leave golf course reviews

Diablo Golf App

Price Model: Free

Wearables Support: No

PGA Tour

Get the latest news from the PGA tour and its players with this app.

  • Real-time leaderboard with player shelf allowing quick access to player scorecards, profile, and video
  • Live player scorecards now featuring SHOT TRAILS, PLAY BY PLAY, and LIVE STATS
  • Groupings view with TEE TIMES and LOCATION information
  • Access to LIVE video for every PGA TOUR event
  • VOD including tournament highlights, round recaps, player features, and more
  • Course detail with hole layouts, descriptions, and live stats for each hole
  • All the latest news from
  • Push notifications for following your favorite Tour and players
  • Champions Tour, Tour, PGA TOUR Latinoamerica, and PGA TOUR Canada Coverage
  • Location awareness for improved experiences while onsite at select PGA TOUR events


Price Model: Free


Get the latest news from the LPGA tour and its players with this app. Why not, right?

  • Scoring - Get instant access to live scoring and tournament results
  • News & Video - Stay up to date with the latest LPGA News, Photos and Videos
  • Tournaments – Tournament specific: TV times, course map and course conditions
  • Stats - See how your favorite LPGA golfer ranks in a variety of key statistical categories
  • Rankings - Check out the latest Race to the CME Globe standings and Rolex Rankings
  • Players & Favorites - Select your favorite golfers to easily follow throughout the app and have easy access to every LPGA member's bio and stats
  • Social - Follow the latest tweets from the LPGA, Players, Tournaments and Fans

LPGA Now App

Price Model: Free


With the GolfNow mobile app you can book tee times at more than 6,000 courses and earn rewards for future rounds.

Free Features
  • Book tee times 24/7 at more than 6,000 courses worldwide
  • Easily search Hot Deals tee times near you for incredible savings
  • Save favorite courses for fast, easy tee time booking
  • Book instantly anytime, anywhere—no calling or waiting
  • Earn and redeem GolfNow Rewards good toward future rounds
  • Keep score for your foursome with a golf scorecard built in the app
  • Instantly reference accurate yardages with golf GPS tracking at more than 30,000 courses
  • Get post-round analysis and in-depth stats to improve your game
  • Golf GPS and score tracking now available for Apple Watch & Android Wear devices
VIP Membership (Only US & Canada)
  • 25% more reward points
  • No convenience fees
  • Cancellation protection with Worry-Free Tee Times
  • Exclusive VIP support line
  • 10 FREE Hot Deals* tee times ($200 value)
  • VIPerks, exclusive offers
  • 50% off Golf Channel AM TOUR membership
  • 20% more trade-in value from Global Golf


Price Model: Free with VIP Membership for $197 per year (only US & Canada)

Wearables Support: Yes

Golf Channel

Get the latest golf news, follow tournaments and watch live.

  • Live scoring from the PGA and LPGA
  • Latest news, opinions and the "grill room"
  • Watch the Golf Channel live
  • Instruction videos
  • Equipment reviews
  • Instruction videos

Golf Channel App

Price Model: Free

Mobitee Golf GPS Rangefinder

Free Features
  • GPS Rangefinder for 37,000 courses worldwide
  • Scorecard and statistics
  • Many different game types
  • Virtual club calibration coach
  • Shot Tracking
  • Instruction videos


Price Model: Free

Wearables Support: No


Another GPS rangefinder with scorecards.

Free Features
  • Scorecard and statistics
  • Leaderboard and round stats
  • Player profile and stats
  • GPS distances
  • Aerial Course Map
  • Shot distance measurement
  • Sidegames
  • View friends rounds and comment
  • View played rounds
  • Share rounds

mScorecard App

Price Model: Free

Wearables Support: No


Yet another GPS rangefinder with scorecards.

  • GPS Distance to every green (front, center, back)
  • Scoring and Statistics
  • Distances to water hazards, bunkers, trees, target points
  • Satellite view of every course
  • Distance to any point on the map (hold finger on image)
  • Shot Tracking (how far did you hit it?)
  • GPS Accuracy Indicator
  • Download unlimited courses for free
  • Map any course online!
  • Upload your rounds to our website and view online. This also backs up your data.
  • Audio updates to the center of the green. A great hands-free way to use SkyDroid.
  • Book discounted tee times directly through SkyDroid.


Price Model: Paid for $1.99

Wearables Support: No

Fun Golf GPS

Aaaand one more GPS rangefinder app! But this one only supports iOS plus wearables. The maps are 3D rendered and displays really nicely on your phone or watch. At the time of writing they got 34,819 courses in their database and you can help them grow by adding to their database here.

Free Features
  • High-contrast 3D maps, visible even in bright sun light.
  • Intelligent indicators showing the yardages to the green and hazards in play, updated as you move on the course.
  • Automatic club suggestion: Based not only on your per-club distances, but also on your current lie.
  • Offline maps: No internet connection is needed while you play. Go abroad and play without even thinking of your data plan.
  • Scorecard management: FunGolf displays your score, even in stableford. It will even simulate your handicap index after playing a round.
  • Rounds data synchronisation across your Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad
  • Pro-grade statistics: see how your game improves over time with incredible stats like Average score, Average Putts per hole, Greens in Regulation...
  • FunGolf uses the Health app to save your golf rounds as workouts and track your calories burned, steps and walking distance.
Free Apple Watch Features
  • Scrollable interactive hole layout with distance to any point of the map thanks to the digital crown
  • High-contrast maps of the hole for optimal legibility
  • Automatic location-based or score-based hole-tracking
  • Convenient scorekeeping for up to 4 players.
  • Instant shot-tracking: how long was that drive?
  • Uses Apple Watch Series 2 built-in GPS when available
Membership Features
The Duke of Golf unfortunately doesn't own an iPhone so he can't check what's included with the membership as it's not stated on their website or on iTunes which is strange!


Price Model: Free and membership available for $4.99/month

Wearables Support: Yes

Game Golf

Surprise surprise. Another golf GPS app. The app has a very nice interface and community (though the last update from another member was 1 year ago). They also sell these neat tags you attach to your club to get readings on your shots.

Free Features
  • GPS Tracking
  • Rangefinder
  • Real-time on course stats
  • Course management
  • In round editing
Premium (using the tags)
  • Automatic NFC shot tracking
  • Approved under the rules of golf
  • Automatic shot detection
  • Hands-free device
  • Real-time or post round syncing


Price Model: Free and option to purchase golf tags

Wearables Support: Yes
Game Golf TAGS

Get Now

The Golf Duke retired to his castle..

Now, I believe that's enough, don't you? Don't you?! 24 bloody apps.. Hope you find your gem in there, ha! That's correct, those were probably the best golf apps you'll find so far in 2018.

If you find it necessary to share an opinion or another app not on this list that you insist belongs on this list, please leave a note below or whatever people like you do. I will take it upon me to answer at my convenience.

Now get off your bloody couch, grab your phone and golf set and head out for your next round.

Golf Duke out.

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